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JBay Academy was started in 2009, when Renette Matthee and Stephanie Pienaar realised that their own children needed more than what a main stream school could offer. They converted a living room into a “school” and with great excitement bought a white board and gathered around the dining room table. Their children were eager and hard-working and the two moms immediately noticed a difference in their work and behaviour.

Each learner worked at their own pace and it wasn’t long before their marks showed significant improvement. The learners became more confident and with inquiring minds, they surprised their “tutors” and themselves every day. They went on excursions and made sure the learners became balanced self-assured young adults.

After a while more parents with the same vision for their children contacted the school and the class grew to six learners. Four years later they all matriculated, some with matric exemption.

In 2013 Renette decided to expand the school’s horizon and took a big step by renting a bigger space and appointing more tutors, a move that added 17 learners from grade 8 to grade 12. She realised that more learners needed what JBay Academy offers: smaller classes, passionate tutors and a relaxed atmosphere where learners can work and develop at their own pace.

In 2014, JBay Academy also started a primary school, which exploded into two parts in 2015, a foundation phase (GrR to Gr 3) and a Middle School (Gr4 to Gr7), with the Secondary school on its own premises.

But Jbay Academy is not all about studies only.

We also offer other activities, such as an Outdoor Club, D-groups and an Interact Club. Learners also excel in sport, such as martial arts, surfing, swimming, gymnastics and more.

With hard work and commitment, you can truly Reach Your Dream at JBay Academy

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With hard work and commitment, you can truly Reach Your Dream at
JBay Academy.




  1. JBay Academy is a Home School Academic Learning Centre.
  2. School Hours:
    Primary School:  Monday – Friday:  08h00 to 13h30
    High School:  Monday – Friday:  08h00 to 14h00
  3. Formal tests are written on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 08h00 to 09h00. We will also have a test series toward the end of Term 1.
  4. The Academy cannot be held responsible for the loss of property or any injuries sustained by Learners during school hours.
  5. Outings will take place at least once a term. Parents will be notified in advance and the necessary information and indemnity forms will be handed to the Learners to be signed by Parents and returned to the Administration Office. If required, we may ask for Parents to volunteer their time and resources to assist with outings, should no-one be available to assist, the Teachers will take responsibility for the Learners. Any misconduct or injuries will be reported to the Parent(s) immediately.


  1. It is important that any changes to personal or contact details are communicated to the Administration Office immediately in order to maintain our data-base.
  2. It is assumed by the Academy that a Parent will collect their child from the premises after school, if this is not the case, please inform us accordingly, giving the details of the person responsible for collecting your child.
  3. Parents / Guardians must inform the school if their child is ill or will be absent due to any other circumstance. It is necessary that learners, who have missed out on work due to absence, catch up on the work as soon as possible. A medical certificate is compulsory when a learner is absent from any Test/Exam, without this, the student will receive a zero for that subject written.
  4. Parents are able to meet with the Principal and/or Teachers by making an appointment at the Administration Office. Please contact Nadia Nortjé at the Office to arrange for appointments (042 293 0352).
  5. General Parent/Teacher meetings will take place once a Term. School information and learner progress will be discussed during these meetings and Parents are encouraged to make every effort to attend.
  6. Parents will be notified on a regular basis of their child(ren)’s progress, health and behaviour.

School Fees:

Fees are payable before the 7th of each month and are payable for 11 months in cash or via eft payments.

Invoices will be sent to Parents by the 25th of each month.

Please inform the school if alternative arrangements need to be made, or if you would like to discuss a payment plan.

Interest at a rate of 2% (compounded) per month will be levied on all accounts in arrears.

Legal proceedings will be instituted to recover amounts in arrears after two months and the Learner may be expelled. Parents are liable for all legal costs and expenses incurred in recovering the debt, including but not restricted to any collection commission payable.

Cancellation of Enrollment:

A two month notice period is required to withdraw your child(ren) from the Academy. Should your child(ren) not be returning to the Academy in the new year, notice must be given at the beginning of November in the current year.


  1. Learners are required to bring their own refreshments to school for break-times. The Tuck Shop has a limited range of drinks and edibles available.
  2. Learners should report to the General Office if they feel unwell or are hurt during school hours. Parents will be notified immediately.
  3. Whilst Learners are permitted to bring cell-phones to school, they are prohibited from using their cell-phone during class. Cell-phones are to be in silent mode and out of sight. Cell-phones are expressly prohibited during tests or exams. If a learner does not comply with this rules, their phone will be confiscated for a week.
  4. If a Learner needs to take any medication during the day under controlled circumstances, please notify the Administration Office.
  5. Learners are encouraged to behave in an orderly manner and show respect to Teachers, adults and fellow students at all times.
  6. The use of foul language will not be tolerated and Learners will be disciplined accordingly if they are found to be in contravention of this rule. The school will handle minor incidents, but in serious cases, written warnings shall be issued, that has to be signed by the parents. After the 3rd written warning, the learner faces expulsion.
  7. Homework and tasks must be done on a daily basis by the Learners. Late submission of tasks will result in marks being lost consecutively for the first three days, on the fourth day a nil result will be given.

Dress Code:

8.1. Learners are not required to wear a uniform, however, clothing must be neat, comfortable and clean. No extravagant or suggestive clothing is allowed (e.g. no hot-pants, short-shorts, belly-revealing t-shirts/shirts or tops revealing too much cleavage).

8.2. Hair must be kept neat and clean, for both boys and girls.

8.3. Boys may not wear earrings.

8.4. Tattoos are not allowed. If the pupil already has a tattoo, it must be kept concealed.

 The Academy enforces a strict ZERO tolerance policy when it comes to alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and weapons of ANY kind. Any Learner found to be in possession of any of these items will face a Disciplinary Hearing and dependent on the severity of the matter, the Learner may face immediate expulsion. The school reserves the right to test learners suspected of abusing ANY illegal substances. The costs of these tests will be billed to the parents. No school fees paid will be refunded in case of expulsion.


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